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Project checklist

Take some approximate measurements of your room

  • You need to know how much flooring you will need and this will help the retailer provide you with an initial estimate.
  • Make a rough sketch of your room shape.
  • Include window and door positions and key items such as kitchen and bath units, fireplaces and built-in furniture.
  • You could even take photos of your room with your mobile phone. It sometimes much easier if you have a visual reference. 
  • It will help you when thinking about layout and design features such as strips and borders.

Check what's under your current flooring surface

  • Make a note of it e.g. wood, concrete, and if it's fairly flat.

Gather together colour references, wallpaper and paint swatches, wall tile and surface samples

  • This will help you when looking at the products.
  • It's perfectly normal for people to take a cupboard door or a piece of worktop with them.

Make a note of your favourite Designflooring floors and finishing touches or print them off

  • If you already have a favourite floor, it is a good idea to have some references with you. That way you can compare any others you like.