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How to Request Free Samples and Brochures

When deciding on a new floor, you're bound to have a few questions along the way. Product samples are a great way to get an idea of how your favourite on screen will look in your home and the only way to feel the product’s unique texture.

How do I get a Designflooring sample?

  • Head to a Designflooring range page or any other product listing page on our site
  • Click on any product images you like the look of to view more info
  • Select 'Add free sample +'

Add a free sample button

  • You will see your Basket update (top right of your screen) - you can request a maximum of 6 free samples

Basket count updates

  • Once you’re happy you have all your samples in your Basket, you will need to click the 'My samples' text in the header bar to proceed to Checkout 
  • Fill in your contact and address details and then sit back and wait for your samples to arrive at your door. 

How to add a brochure

  • Visit Our Downloads page
  • Browse through our brochures and either view online, download a copy or select 'Request a copy' to get a printed version out in the post

Request a copy button

  • Selecting ‘Request a copy’ automatically updates your shopping basket
  • Click the 'My samples' text to proceed to Checkout when you’ve finished browsing through product samples and brochures

Checkout process

  • You can add brochures to your basket at checkout by clicking the copy ‘Request brochures’ underneath your list of samples


Request a brochure checkbox


  • If you would like to add a brochure to your samples order, please check the box 'Request a Brochure' and then click ‘Continue'
  • Fill out all of your Delivery Details and 'Submit'
  • You will receive an email confirming the products and brochures have been ordered. 

Waiting for your samples and brochure? 

Why not check out your favourites on our Floorstyle tool or download our free floor visualisation app?