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Looking for inspiration for your room? We're here to help you find the perfect floor design for your space.

We find the inspiration for Designflooring in the beauty of the natural world and feel passionate about bringing this natural beauty into every product we create.

Set foot on any of our floors and you can feel the quality of our designs. Texture is as important as appearance when it comes to Designflooring.We are constantly coming up with new ideas by looking at exciting new interior trends alongside interesting natural species to bring you floors that coordinate with any scheme in your home.

With lots of floors to choose from, whether you are looking for a realistic natural wood effect floor or stone effect floor, we like to make sure there is something to suit your style.

Find out more about Designflooring and how our floors compare with other flooring types to help you decide what to choose.

Create your IDentity

Personalise with Designflooring design strips, borders and bespoke features. Watch our IDentity video to learn how you can create your own bespoke Designflooring floor in your home.

You can also get some ideas from our Rooms gallery, featuring a range of popular floors in kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas. Or go to our Style pages to get ideas for the look you're trying to achieve or your life stage.

Floorstyle interactive tool

Floorstyle displays our floors in typical room settings. Here you can try out different laying patterns, combinations of design strips and floors, share with friends or print out designs.