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Cleaning and maintenance FAQs

Frequently asked questions

We are often asked about cleaning and maintaining a Designflooring floor. Here are a few of our customers’ most popular questions.

What should I do once my Designflooring flooring installation is complete?

Your floor fitter can advise when the adhesive will be dry and you can walk on your new floor. Remove all loose debris from the floor using a soft brush or dust mop and ensure that all dry adhesive is removed from the surface using Designflooring Remove with a non-abrasive scouring pad or the coarse pad from our Floor Care Kit. After a minimum of 24hrs, your floor can be cleaned with a pH neutral cleaner using a damp mop. We recommend using Designflooring Clean as this has been specifically formulated to protect and enhance your Designflooring floor.

How easy is it to clean and maintain my Designflooring floor? 

One of the key benefits of Designflooring flooring is that it’s very easy to look after. Its enhanced protective surface treatment provides a hardwearing surface that shrugs off dirt and spills. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can keep your floor looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. Our Floor Care Kit provides all the products and information you need to clean and maintain your floor. 

How can Designflooring Clean help protect against the coronavirus?

Our Designflooring Clean floor cleaner contains soap rather than disinfectant. Using Clean on your floor helps to break up and safely remove any germs that are on the surface, in the same way as using soap for washing your hands. As always, a regular clean is recommended to maintain hygiene.

What should I use to clean my Designflooring floor? 

We recommend cleaning your floor with a pH neutral cleaner such as Designflooring Clean which has been specifically formulated to protect and enhance Designflooring flooring. Avoid cleaning products that contain agents such as bleach as these could cause damage to the floor. For more guidance on looking after your floor please read our cleaning and maintenance pages. 

How should I clean spillages? 

Your floor should have been fitted tightly to ensure spillages cannot seep through tile edges or custom cuts. Splashes and spills can be simply dealt with by wiping or mopping as soon as possible with a dilute solution of Designflooring Clean. 

Will Designflooring stain? 

Most spills will not affect a Designflooring floor, especially if they are cleaned up straight away. However there are some spillages that can stain such as solvent-based liquids, wine and some spices. Refreshing the surface layer of your Designflooring floor every 12-18 months using Designflooring Remove and Refresh  will provide some protection against this type of damage.

Where can I buy Designflooring cleaning products?

Designflooring cleaning products have been specifically formulated to protect and enhance your Designflooring floor. All our cleaning and maintenance products  can be purchased from your local independent retailer. 

Can I use a vacuum cleaner, steam mop or steam cleaner on my Designflooring floor?

With a hygienic and durable surface treatment that resists dirt and stains, your Designflooring floor is easy to keep clean on a daily basis with a soft broom, damp mop and Designflooring Clean. If you wish to use a vacuum cleaner we recommend checking with the manufacturer to make sure it's suitable for use on a Designflooring floor. We do not recommend using a steam mop or cleaner on your Designflooring floor.

Why have small white spots appeared on my floor? 

White spots are usually as a result of water not being wiped up quickly from your floor - especially in bathrooms. To remove these blemishes simply apply Designflooring Remove to the area, then wipe off the residue with a mop and rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

How do I remove black scuff marks from my floor? 

As with any flooring, furniture and shoe soles rubbing on your floor can cause unsightly scruff marks. To remove black scuff marks from your Designflooring floor dilute a small amount of Designflooring Clean in some water and apply using a moistened cloth or a non-abrasive scouring pad. 

How should I protect my Designflooring floor against damage from furniture? 

By putting felt pads under the feet of your furniture you can avoid table and chair legs scratching your Designflooring floor. These are available in our Floor Care Kit or from your local independent retailer. Avoid dragging furniture such as chairs or other objects across the floor. For heavy items such as washing machines that may require moving occasionally we recommend using load bearing castors. 

How do I remove light scratches? 

You can improve the appearance of light scratches by applying Designflooring Remove with a non-abrasive scouring pad, wiping off the residue with a mop and rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Then re-apply Designflooring Refresh to restore the satin finish to your floor and protect the surface from marks and fine scratches. Our Floor Care Kit provides all the products and information you need to clean and maintain your floor.

How do I remove deep scratch marks? 

On the occasion there is a particularly deep scratch, first try using Designflooring Remove and Refresh products on your floor. If this doesn't improve the appearance of the deep scratch enough the best option may be to speak to your floor fitter about replacing the plank that has been damaged. The versatility of Designflooring flooring planks allows for a no fuss replacement and this is even easier with benefits of Designflooring LooseLay. 

We hope that your question has been covered here, but if not please contact us on 01386 820 105 or go to Contact Us and we'll be happy to help.