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Guide to choosing your floor

1. Look: 

What style suits your taste and your home?

Most of our floors offer the timeless appeal of natural wood and stone floors, but your choice of style, mood and tone can transform the interior. Whether you are looking for classic or contemporary, Designflooring can deliver the look. Take a look at our style section for some room ideas and inspiration. 

2. Space:
It is important to consider how much light your room gets. Light floors make a room feel more spacious while mid toned materials can add warmth and slates are contemporary.

You should also consider the actual area your floor will be laid in. Open plan living and interconnecting space is more common nowadays. The choice of flooring has a big impact on open plan areas and can be used to spectacular effect, either by using the same material throughout or by zoning.
3. Needs: 

What do you use the room for?

All Designflooring floors combine luxury with practicality, durability, and are as at home in a grand hallway as they are in a hard working utility. Why not take a look at our our room inspiration pages.
4. Materials:
The choice of natural effects is almost limitless. Oak is a classic staple, but for something more unusual take a look at hickory, or walnut.  

Ceramic and limestone are classics, but we also have some contemporary options with concrete and metallic effects.
5. Colour:
As our products are inspired by nature, so is our colour palette. Natural colours are so easy to match with furniture and fittings. 
Whites, creams, greys, and browns are predicted to be popular for many years to come. It is easy to understand why these neutral colours are timeless in their appeal, always look good, and effortlessly lift a room.
6. Size:
Slender or wide planks? Large or small tile effects? These effects can be used to trick the eye into thinking that spaces are larger or smaller. For example, horizontal lines can draw the eye and make a small space seem longer.
7. The Finishing Touches:
Make your floor unique. Add little extras that make all the difference. Features such as decorative borders and strips can zone areas or highlight architectural features. We also provide bespoke features to make your home truly individual.
8. Practicality: 
Designflooring floors all look luxurious, but they are highly practical too. They are easy to maintain and keep clean. They are regularly used in commercial and retail environments where they need to withstand heavy usage but still keep looking great.  

9. Get some samples:
You can request free samples by clicking on 'Add sample' found on each product page. Alternatively make a note of the product name and code and give us a call.
10. Contact a retailer:
Visit our find a retailer page to find your nearest one. Remember to take a project checklist with you when you visit.