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Our Guarantee

Subject to the conditions and exclusions set out below Designflooring International Limited (“Designflooring”) guarantees that the product will not wear out and will be free from all manufacturing defects from the date of purchase for the guarantee period (Guarantee). 

Wear out is defined as the removal of the wear layer and design pattern.

  • The Art Select range is guaranteed 30 years for a domestic usage.
  • The Van Gogh and Opus ranges are guaranteed 30 years for a domestic usage.
  • The Rubens ranges are guaranteed 30 years for a domestic usage.

The guarantee is conditional on the following:

  1. The product has been suitably specified according to the guidelines set out in EN 649 and been subject to normal wear and tear conditions.
  2. The product has been installed by a skilled tradesman using the correct materials and adhering to the BS 8203 industry code of practice.
  3. That the product has been cleaned and maintained using the cleaning and maintenance instructions provided by Designflooring and that barrier matting or other such method has been provided at all external entrances to prevent the ingress of outside dirt onto the floor.
  4. Protection has been provided to avoid heavy point loading to the floor.

Remember to also keep your proof of purchase somewhere safe.