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Discover the comfort of rural simplicity

Posted on the 14/06/2021 by Designflooring

During challenging times it’s only natural to yearn for less complex or stressful lives. The cottagecore movement embodies our desire to embrace a slower pace of life and spend more time enjoying simple pleasures such as foraging, baking or crafting, by recreating the romantic aesthetics of a country cottage life.

The cottagecore look is unapologetically weathered and comfortable with a hand crafted vibe. This carefree artisan style offers us the freedom to collate our favourite patterns and curios and to value the lived in look over perfection. 

To create this look, combine a muted natural colour scheme with an eclectic mix of floral prints, functional furniture and soft seating. Then accessorise with vintage and flea market finds, handmade crafts, botanical and rural artwork, flowers and houseplants. Finally, add some floral air freshener and gentle folk music for a home that appeals to all the senses. By carefully consider each element we introduce, the result will be an elegant yet unpretentious look that offers integrity, emotional comfort and an escape from the stresses of the world. 


VGW86T-SCB Classic Oak

Here are our top five cottagecore styles for a cosy and relaxing look in your home.

1. The French country style 

Introduce a touch of feminine ‘shabby chic’ by adding a floral print wallpaper, soft furnishings or artwork to a neutral interior. To avoid this iconic homestyle becoming cluttered and twee it’s best to stick to just one floral pattern in a delicately faded pastel colourway, featuring traditional flowers such as roses or wisteria.

2. The manor house

Recreate the look of a genteel country home with sophisticated antique style furniture and aged floral patterns. For example, in the master bedroom opt for a four poster bed and toile curtains or in the dining room choose a formal table and chairs in traditional oak or mahogany and a bold floral fabric. Pair these rich tones with a light neutral shade on walls, a timeworn wood flooring and layers of vintage rugs. 


LLP305 Reclaimed Heart Pine

3. The rustic cabin

Who hasn’t dreamt of escaping it all to live in a simple cabin in the woods? Wherever we live, we can recreate this feeling of isolation and harmony with nature. To achieve a rustic feel, keep the look humble with natural materials and untreated fibres. Bring in foraged foliage and wildflowers and arrange attractively in reclaimed containers such as jam jars for an authentic peasant look.

4. The indoor garden

Spending time in nature is known to be good for our mental wellbeing. You can create a countryside feel and bring some of these natural benefits into your home with an earthy colour palette, unpainted wood furniture, flower displays or houseplants and some inspirational botanical artwork. It’s a great excuse to spend a day browsing the second-hand shops for beautiful vases, plant pots and wicker baskets. 

5. Maximalism meets cottagecore

For the ultimate cottagecore look, go big with a mix and match of large scale prints and bold floral installations. This isn’t a style for the faint hearted but if you’re feeling brave why not throw together lots of different patterns. To prevent the look becoming overwhelming, stick to one main colour and balance large patterned prints with more dainty patterns. 

Are you introducing the cottagecore look to your home? Join the conversation with us on Instagram @designflooring_int using #designflooringstyle or visit our Pinterest board for inspiration.