Flooring Adhesive Guide

We recommend that you use our range of Designflooring adhesives for the best results - either the High Temperature or Pressure Sensitive to suit the environment you are working in.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Ideal for use in most residential and commercial installations. Best used as semi-dry/tack. Once adhesive has reached the semi-dry tack condition you will have approximately 2 hours working time.
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is available in 5 litre and 15 litre containers. Try our adhesive calculator for a volume guide.

High Temperature Adhesive

A modified acrylic adhesive with an improved service temperature for use in areas subject to excessive heat and direct sunlight e.g. conservatories, shop windows, patio doors, external panelled doors and under floor heating.

How to Apply

  • Dry fit the floor in sections then remove it including cuts
  • Apply High Temperature adhesive in smooth consistent sweeps being careful not to leave puddles or streaks
  • Place the flooring onto the wet adhesive and apply a hand roller over the newly bonded floor
  • Wipe any excess adhesive off the flooring immediately with a clean damp cloth

We always recommend that you work section by section, as products must be laid in wet adhesive. When using this adhesive the open time is approximately 15 minutes, depending on atmospheric conditions.