Designflooring Kaleidoscope


What is Kaleidoscope?

Offering architects, interior designers and contractors the ability to explore a new world of patterns and shapes using Designflooring, Kaleidoscope is a unique collection of wood, stone and block colours available in six geometric designs including Cubix, Pennon and Apex.

Kaleidoscope - Cubes

Cubix: SP111, SP213, SP114

Our Kaleidoscope palette of wood, stone and solid colours can be cut in a number of popular shapes and patterns, offering the design community unparalleled flexibility at the point of specification.

Kaleidoscope - Trangles

Tripoint: KP103, KP104, KP105

Individual shapes are cut from original Designflooring products, meaning they retain our authentic designs and key technical specification including slip resistance, wear layer and light reflectance value (LRV). …

Kaleidoscope - Apex

Apex: KP103, KP94