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Natural designs create healthy workplaces

Posted on the 07/02/2020 by Designflooring

Employers are increasingly looking to create practical yet inspirational office spaces that promote health and wellbeing and increase job satisfaction, performance and innovation.

When designing workplace interiors, natural materials and colours together with domestic scale furnishings are key to creating a friendly environment that is a far cry from the formal corporate world of the past. Here individuals can work flexibly and collaboratively in shared working zones as well as relax in dedicated social spaces.

Connecting with nature has a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing, reducing stress and improving concentration and creativity. Therefore the most successful workplace designs will include biophilic aspects such as large windows providing plenty of natural light and views to the outdoors, plants or pictures of nature scenes and feature natural colours and textures on walls, floors and furnishings. Adding bold accent tones to a pale neutral scheme can give different areas their own character and introduce fun elements.


Country Oak

Managing sound levels within open plan working environments is key to reducing stress. Even relatively low levels of noise can be disturbing and can be a long-term stress factor for employees therefore it is vital to reduce noise as much as possible. Our Designflooring LooseLay range reduces noise transfer to spaces below by 13dB, making it the ideal flooring choice for busy workplaces and multi-level buildings.

With the versatility of our LooseLay range, it’s easy to create engaging commercial spaces full of character with a combination of complementary or contrasting wood planks and stone or concrete style tiles.

Incorporating a variety of laying patterns and directions can effortlessly highlight walkways and identify different activity zones, helping employees to efficiently use the space.


French Grey Oak

A highly practical flooring solution for offices, LooseLay flooring has a K-Wave friction grip backing which secures the floor firmly in place using a combination of weight and friction, meaning that it can be quickly and easily installed over sound, smooth subfloors or most existing hard floors. Given the large space of most commercial office areas, we do recommend the use of tackifier. Each plank or tile can still be simply lifted and replaced if required, facilitating repairs and providing access to underfloor services.

Like all Designflooring floors, LooseLay is designed to withstand the wear and tear of busy commercial settings, with a 4,5mm thickness ,0,55mm wear layer and comes with a 12 year commercial warranty. Waterproof and compatible with underfloor heating systems, a LooseLay floor is easy to maintain and will look great for years to come.

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