Cleaning and Maintenance

Designflooring is hardwearing and is easy to clean and look after. Our enhanced K-Guard+ surface treatment helps protect against everyday wear, spills and scuffs. This makes it easier and more environmentally friendly to clean and maintain your floor, giving you peace of mind that your Designflooring floor will look great for years to come.

For everyday cleaning:

  1. With a soft sweeping brush, remove any loose dirt or dust.
  2. Add 50ml of Designflooring Clean (1 notch represents 50ml) to approximately 8-10l of clean water.
  3. Mop the Designflooring Clean solution onto the whole floor, removing any excess liquid.

Sit back and relax allowing your floor to dry before walking on it.

For an occasional refresh:

After time you may want to treat your floor to some extra care.
We recommend every six to twelve months, depending on wear, that you strip and refresh your floor, to further enhance its look and durability.

  • Designflooring Remove prepares your floor before applying Designflooring Refresh. 
  • Designflooring Refresh creates a satin finish to your floor and helps protect it from marks and fine scratches. 

Download our cleaning and maintenance guide or visit your nearest Designflooring retailer for more information including details of Designflooring's cleaning products.