Benefits of Palio Clic by Designflooring

Clic-locking system Click-locking system

Simply click your planks or tiles into place with our patented locking system.

Quick and easy to install
Quick and easy to install

All you need is a sound, smooth and dust free subfloor and you're ready to go. It's great because it can be fitted over most existing hard floors.

No need for adhesive No need for adhesive

Our patented locking system means there’s no need for adhesive and minimal preparation time is required.

Warm underfoot
Warmer underfoot

Our products are softer and warmer underfoot than natural wood and stone flooring. For extra warmth, Designflooring is easily used with underfloor heating systems.

Realistic designs Realistic appearance

The authentic designs, structured surfaces and bevelled edges of each plank and tile imitate nature to perfection.

Durable Durable

With a Lifetime guarantee you can rest assured your floor will last for years to come. Unlike real wood and stone, it won't splinter, warp or crack.

Low maintenance Low maintenance

All Designflooring floors are simple to care for. All it needs is a quick sweep and run over with a mop, warm water and Designflooring Clean.

* Adhesive may be required for some applications, please refer to installation instructions.