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Beautiful handcrafted designs in multi-format

Enjoy your floor, your way with our new multi-format Van Gogh and Rubens collections

The flexibility to select your perfect fit with even more styles to choose from.

Our new look Van Gogh and Rubens collection features the same wide selection of handcrafted designs you would expect, but now available in both a gluedown and rigid core format.

It means you can pick your favourite design and the fixing type you need for your individual space without compromise including our first herringbone design in a rigid core format.

New Rubens rigid core

The same popular gluedown designs now available in a convenient rigid core format with ten planks and four stones. View the full range here.



 SCB-KP131 Grey Scandi Pine


Contemporary Van Gogh designs inspired by European oaks

Our updated Van Gogh range introduces four new wood looks in a larger plank size and, for those of us looking to go room to room with alternative laying patterns, four of these colours are also available in an on-trend herringbone. Ideal for achieving colour continuity and mixing full length plank to herringbone in your home.


Van Gogh

VGW120T-RKP Grey Brushed Oak


We have also added to our cool neutral tones with Light Distressed Oak, Natural Prime Oak, Greige Oak and Misty Grey Oak.

New natural grain

All our designs are inspired by nature and designed to reflect the intricate beauty of real timber, but Grey Brushed Oak, Neutral Brushed Oak, Warm Brushed Oak and Golden Brushed Oak from our Van Gogh collection feature our new, natural wood grain emboss, accentuating the natural texture and aesthetics of the individual wood that inspired it.

Which format is for you?

With a wide selection of our Van Gogh and Rubens designs now available in a gluedown and rigid core fit, the options for your home are endless. No longer restricted by format, you can go for gluedown downstairs with added design features and, enjoy the acoustic benefits of rigid core upstairs. 

Whereas rigid core is available for quicker installation times and added acoustic benefits, gluedown allows additional design elements such as optional laying patterns, borders and design features. Discover more benefits here.

Explore our new Van Gogh designs below, simply click a product to find out more or discover our complete Van Gogh rigid core and Van Gogh gluedown designs.

Van Gogh gluedown: 1219,2mm x 177,8mm | 1422,4mm x 228,6mm | 711,2mm x 177,8mm

Van Gogh rigid core: 1220,0mm x 180,0mm | 1420,0mm x 225,0mm | 708,0mm x 177,0mm

Rubens gluedown: 914,4mm x 152,4mm | 304,8mm x 457,2mm

Rubens rigid core: 1220,0mm x 180,0mm | 308,0mm x 600,0mm