Pale Limed Oak

Improve your wellbeing with Scandi style


With its characteristic simplicity, it’s easy to understand why Scandi homestyle remains as popular as ever. Balancing clean lines and open spaces with a light colour palette and natural materials, Scandi design offers a warm and cosy home that’s very easy to live with and ideal for the rough and tumble of family life.

As spring arrives and we start to emerge from the darkness of a global pandemic, updating our homes with a comfortable Scandi style is the perfect way to leave our stresses behind and prepare for the brighter days of summer.

To bring a serene Scandi look into your home, start by decluttering anything you no longer need and creating a light neutral canvas with white walls. A wooden floor and pale untreated wood furniture in pine, oak or ash are Scandi design staples and offer practical surfaces that add warmth and texture but retain an airy feel. In northern climes, maximising natural light is key so consider leaving windows undressed to let as much sunshine as possible shine through. Once you have the bare bones in place, it’s time to personalise your space with just a few cosy accessories such as houseplants, large mirrors, woven rugs and comfortable cushions.

If you prefer more colour and a less perfect result, you’ll love the latest Scandi trend which introduces artisan elements for a more informal, relaxed mood. Choose faded earthy tones such as forest greens, grey-blues or purple heather which will create an impression of wild woodland, hillside or heath. Then add some rustic elements such as a vase of foraged flowers, a pile of vintage books or a basket of homegrown vegetables. 

One of our favourite Scandi homes right now has been created by lifestyle and interior blogger Ania Dominik. Based in Wroclaw, Poland, Ania has decorated her home in a modern Scandi style. After beginning with a base of white walls, Ania has added accents of natural colours in faded sage green, dusky pink and gentle mustard. 

In her open plan kitchen, dining and living room Ania has balanced the coolness of white walls and soft grey kitchen units with the warmth of Niveus flooring from our Opus range and open plank shelving featuring an eclectic collection of houseplants, kitchenalia and other curios.

Continuing the relaxing Scandi vibe throughout her home, Ania has chosen Pale Limed Oak flooring from our Rubens range in the master bedroom and her son’s bedroom. Opting for the small herringbone planks which show off its bleached blonde and honey tones to perfection, the floor complements the natural colour scheme and adds plenty of texture and a sense of movement.

We love how Ania has incorporated the Danish concept of hygge into her home with cosy textures for a look that’s not only beautiful but encourages a slower pace of life. A perfect way to support our wellbeing, hygge is all about embracing life’s simple pleasures. Creating a less polished and more carefree home gives us permission to spend time doing things that make us happy, such as baking a cake, growing windowsill herbs or making our own scented candles. 

Are you introducing rustic artisan elements into your Scandi home or embracing hygge to improve your wellbeing? Join the conversation with us on Instagram @designflooring_int

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