One modern bathroom, three distinctive looks


Today’s bathrooms not only provide a functional space for personal hygiene but also a sanctuary where we can linger and ease the stresses of life, perhaps to relax in a rainfall shower with soothing essential oils. The latest technology offers convenience and water efficiency as well as surfaces that require minimal maintenance.

To create a modern bathroom with a luxurious spa feel, we recommend choosing a layout that is minimal in style for a space that looks effortlessly fresh and clean. For example this bathroom offers all the convenience of modern sleek design with worksurfaces at different heights to suit the whole family. The airy white and grey colour palette creates a calming, light filled room that is sure to leave everyone energised for the day ahead.

A practical choice for hard working rooms, Designflooring offers timelessly stylish designs inspired by wood and stone with a comfortable and waterproof surface that is simple to keep hygienically clean. Using our interactive online design tool, Floorstyle, we explore three equally stunning flooring choices for this modern bathroom. Which is your favourite?

VGW121T Warm Brushed Oak

VGW121T or VGW121T-RKP Warm Brushed Oak

Option 1: traditional oak

Perfect for both traditional and contemporary interiors, the elegance of oak floorboards combines well with the modern bathroom suite to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home. Here Warm Brushed Oak from our Van Gogh range brings its delicate balance of golden sand shades, straight grain and beautiful ‘flowery’ texture to introduce a warmth that will soothe and comfort even in the darkest days of winter.

Part of our new Van Gogh multi-format collection, Warm Brushed Oak is one of the designs now available in both gluedown and rigid core formats to give greater choice when selecting the right format to suit the individual needs of each space.

SM-VGW121T Warm Brushed Oak 

SM-VGW121T or SM-VGW121T-RKP Warm Brushed Oak

Option 2: modern herringbone

For a more contemporary version of a classic oak design floor, Warm Brushed Oak has been laid in a herringbone pattern using a smaller sized plank. This pattern highlights its subtle tonal range, creating an interesting textured look and a sense of space. Available for the first time in a rigid core format, this herringbone patterned floor is now achievable even in rooms with an uneven sub-floor.

SP216 Fumo

SP216 Fumo

Option 3: grey limestone

Keeping the bathroom design elegantly cool and fresh, here we have chosen Fumo from the Opus collection. The smoky grey tones of this limestone design adds depth to the monochrome colour palette and complements the simple lines of the minimalist style. Bringing all the sophistication of a sleek limestone floor but warmer underfoot and easier to look after, Fumo is available in the large sized tiles shown but can also be combined with a matching small herringbone tile for a unique look.

Using our Floorstyle design tool, it’s easy to see how these floors could look in your home. Simply upload a photo of your room, select any stone, wood or abstract design and explore possibilities with different combinations, laying patterns and design features.

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