Autumn Winter

Let your home wrap you up with love this autumn


As the leaves turn to golden shades of yellow and orange and the air turns decidedly nippy, our attention naturally turns towards the cosier aspects of our home. This year more than ever we are in need of the comfort and serenity that our homes can offer so now is the perfect time to introduce some autumn abundance.

Adding a restorative warm atmosphere to your home can be as simple as lighting a log fire, layering up with plenty of cosy throws and cushions or updating with a fresh coat of paint. For inspiration we love to curl up on the sofa and admire the stunning interiors featured by our favourite social media influencers and home interior magazines.

To get you started, here are five trends that we can’t wait to try out in our own homes this autumn/winter season.

VGW115T-SCB Natural Prime Oak

VGW115T-SCB Natural Prime Oak

1. Update a neutral scheme with warm earthy tones

Neutral colour palettes and Scandi style interiors are the perfect antidote to the busyness of modern life. To add a touch of autumn comfort, spend time outdoors and pick out some of the warm natural tones around you. Perhaps you are inspired by autumn leaves and pumpkins against a crisp blue sky or maybe a mix and match of muted hedgerow tones in russet, olive or plum is more your style. The key is to choose shades that you love so that your home is uniquely you.

2. Add a handmade vibe with woven materials

Introduce restful, rustic interest with accessories such as woven baskets, lamp shades and rugs in natural materials such as wicker, raffia and wool. Baskets look great styled with displays of autumn flowers and dried or faux foliage or used to store piles of cosy cushions and throws. For maximum texture don’t skimp on soft furnishings with fringing and tassels – this is definitely a case of more is more!

3. Create a lush jungle with bold botanical prints

The latest look this year is all about bold botanical prints which immerse us in the soothing comfort of nature. Combined with wood flooring and a mix and match of vintage or modern furniture, this is an exuberant trend that is sure to lift the spirits. Balance a bold wallpaper with warm metallics such as brass or copper and sensuous velvet fabrics. For a more subtle take on this trend, hang a series of bold oversized botanical prints and add mix and match cushions and throws in complementary shades of green and teal.

VGW112T Misty Grey Oak

VGW112T Misty Grey Oak

4. Add character with panelling

Panelling is a practical wall treatment that will introduce interest and depth to any room. If your home doesn’t already have panelled walls, it’s easy to fake it. For a country house style, create the illusion of panels with beading, as shown above, or use wider strips of wood and peg hooks for a Shaker look. Alternatively, opt for an understated tongue and groove pattern for a laid back rural cottage style. For best results, take the panelling to either one third or two thirds the height of the room. Then, either paint the panelling in the same shade as the rest of the walls for an unobtrusively elegant result or choose a dark earthy shade for a bolder contrast to neutral walls.

RKP8103 Warm Ash

RKP8103 Warm Ash

5. Use glazed walls to break up open plan layouts

The practicality of open plan living has truly been put to the test this year and while this layout has some definite advantages, from letting light flood through our homes to allowing us to spend more time together as a family, it has proved less than optimal when we needed quiet personal space for working or studying at home. Having been popular in workplaces for some time, glazed break out spaces can offer us the best of both worlds at home too, creating quiet personal space where we can concentrate whilst retaining our visual connection with the rest of the family.

For more décor ideas, why not explore our home inspiration hub or our autumn styling Pinterest board.

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