Grey Brushed Oak

Create room to room interest with herringbone


It’s no surprise that the popularity of herringbone flooring is showing no signs of waning. We love its highly flexible design options that allow home decorators to introduce pattern and character to any room.

With a wide range of wood hues available in small plank sizes, the classic style of herringbone flooring is the perfect way to create a natural feel and sense of flow throughout your home. Choosing a rich, warm wood design will introduce a touch of traditional elegance into a contemporary home while a cool, grey tone will add a modern vibe to a period property.

If you are looking to introduce this interesting flooring into your home but don’t want the result to be overly fussy, we have some styling ideas for you.

Combine herringbone with straight lay

Grey Brushed Oak

SM-VGW120T-RKP and VGW120T-RKP Grey Brushed Oak

Choosing a single floor design throughout your home in a combination of laying patterns will introduce plenty of character and interest, allowing each room to develop its own distinct personality. This continuity will create a sense of flow yet also provide visual separation between adjoining rooms without the whole looking overpowering or feeling monotonous.

Here, the cool contemporary looks of Grey Brushed Oak from our new multi-format Van Gogh collection has been laid in herringbone to add texture to the living room while the same shade in straight lay offers a clean, neutral base to the bedroom’s bold paintwork. Offering the traditional style of wood flooring but in the latest pale grey tones, Grey Brushed Oak is perfect for adding contemporary style to a converted barn or period home. One of a range of designs available in both herringbone and long planks, as well as a convenient choice of gluedown and rigid core formats, it’s now even easier to take the same flooring from room to room with mix and match laying patterns.

For extra realism, the new multi-format Van Gogh collection features a registered emboss in line with the wood grain for an authentic texture that truly reflects the intricate beauty of real timber and this is highlighted to perfection with a herringbone pattern.

Play with scale 

For an unexpected twist on a herringbone floor, why not experiment with scale by using full sized planks. Natural Prime Oak, a classic light oak design, has been selected as a neutral base for a bold colour scheme and statement furniture. Available in a choice of formats, here the gluedown format has been laid in herringbone for a sense of texture and a generous feeling of space.

Alternatively, for a bold, quirky look why not lay two or more coordinating or contrasting designs in herringbone design or create an interesting focal point within a straight lay floor with a herringbone rug in the same shade.

Herringbone in kitchens and bathrooms

Golden Brushed Oak

SM-VGW122T-RKP Golden Brushed Oak

With Designflooring you can even take herringbone flooring into rooms where splashes and spills are commonplace, such as bathrooms and kitchens. In this kitchen, Golden Brushed Oak adds warm tones and rich textures to a minimalist interior, flowing seamlessly into the adjoining hallway which has been laid in straight lay using full sized planks.

Designflooring’s waterproof surface and enhanced surface protection means that it’s easy to create a stunning herringbone floor that not only adds stylish good looks to any room but is also comfortable underfoot and simple to keep hygienically clean.

Explore the new Van Gogh multi-format collection.

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