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Our top interior trends of 2020


It cannot be denied that this year has been a year like no other! But one thing that can be said for sure is that we have all spent much more time at home and have been more aware of our physical and mental health. We have developed a keener appreciation of our homes as a sanctuary, our communities and the natural world. This has certainly been reflected in the homestyle trends that we’ve loved this year and which have helped us improve our resilience and remain optimistic.

We’ve looked back on a few of our favourite style highlights of 2020.

1. Characterful herringbone

The elegance of herringbone is a beautiful way to add texture and a sense of flow to your home and this is a trend that is showing no signs of going out of fashion. Whether laid in traditional small planks or more modern longer planks, a herringbone floor will bring personality and texture to any room in your home. Combined with matching full sized planks in adjoining spaces, you can visually connect the rooms in your house for a seamless style. With rigid core options now available, you can even achieve this on trend look over an uneven sub-floor without extensive (and expensive) preparation work.

Canadian Urban Oak

RKP8116 Canadian Urban Oak

2. Soothing minimalism

Minimalism has offered us a calming and tranquil style that can easily be adapted to any home and is particularly suited to sociable open plan kitchen and living spaces. The clean lines, practical surfaces and pared back colours of a minimalist scheme will help balance the differing needs of our busy family lives. Create a minimalist space that is easy to live with and reflects your family’s character by combining a cool colour palette and pale neutral flooring with subtle detailing, streamlined furnishings and personal décor touches.

3. Creative Scandicraft

Offering all the serenity of pure Scandinavian elegance, Scandicraft merges a highly designed functional look with a more comfortable and homespun quality. This uninhibited artisan twist on classic Scandi décor has appealed to those of us that love to craft. With more time on our hands this year, many of us have used our artistic talents to create hand-crafted accessories with upcycled and raw natural materials or to arrange gallery walls and display shelves that tell our personal stories. The less structured vibe of Scandicraft has certainly helped us take some time out to unwind.

Coastal Sawn Oak

KP136 Coastal Sawn Oak

4. Flexible living rooms 

With all the current restrictions on our daily lives, our living rooms have had to become even more multi-purpose; a space where the children can get creative, a cinema where the family can relax together with a good film, a social area to entertain family and friends, a gym for exercising and even our office for working or studying at home. We have loved seeing some of the innovative ways homes have been adapted to meet all these different needs, from streamlined storage and furnishings to adaptable lighting and hardwearing practical flooring.

5. Wellbeing and self-care

Perhaps most importantly, this year we have all prioritised our health and wellbeing, our connections with loved ones and with the natural world. Our homes have become a much valued refuge from the concerns of the wider world. Embracing a slow living lifestyle that connects us with natural world outside and the changing seasons, we have created relaxing spaces with neutral colour palettes and natural materials which have helped us focus on balance and intentional living so that we can find joy in the simpler things in life.

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