Designflooring Kitchen

5 reasons why Designflooring is perfect for kitchens


The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and so the flooring must endure daily wear and tear whilst still maintaining a beautiful appearance. Below you can see the top five reasons why Designflooring is perfect for any kitchen. 

  1. Durable - All our products have a clear PVC embossed wear layer that protects the floor’s design from wear and tear; perfect for all those rushing feet in a busy kitchen. 

  2. Realistic design - Inspired by nature and designed for living, our Designflooring and easy-fit ranges are all suitable for use in kitchens and each has a beautifully realistic design that is both stylish and highly practical. You also have the chance to create truly unique floor by using our Designflooring elements, borders and design strips can add interest and flow to your kitchen. 

    Designflooring Kitchen

  3. Slip rating - Kitchens have the additional challenges of spills and water hazards. All of our products have an R10 slip resistance rating. 

  4. Low maintenance - Within any busy kitchen, ease of maintenance is an important factor when looking at flooring. Designflooring is easy to care for - all it needs is a quick sweep and run over with a mop, warm water and Designflooring Clean.

  5. Waterproof - Designflooring is completely waterproof, and unlike real wood or laminate flooring, it will not swell, warp or crack when wet, making it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and any other room in the home. 

Start experimenting with Designflooring using our Floorstyle tool and see how your kitchen could look.


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