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Designflooring products in use


We include the whole life of a floor when thinking about its sustainability performance and that means we make sure our floors start performing from the moment they are fitted. So, we design our products for easy installation to minimise the amount of different materials required to install.

Low impact cleaning and maintenance

The in-use or service life of the product which we expect, can exceed 30 years and can account for typically 80% of the environmental impact of the product. So, we endeavour to design the most efficient maintenance procedures and maintenance chemicals. Virtually all of our products have PU coatings (“K-Guard+”) to offer ease of maintenance and to reduce the quantity of maintenance chemicals required to keep them looking their best throughout the service life. Products in our floor care range contain biodegradable materials.

Air Quality

All Designflooring products have been tested for contribution to indoor air quality and independent testing proves that our products are very low emitting in terms of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), meeting the strictest standards for air quality.

All have been successfully certified to Indoor ‘Air Comfort Gold standard’ which means that they fully comply with the national emission requirements of European countries including:

  • Germany AgBB/AGB/DGNB
  • Sweden BVB
  • Italian Regulation on Green Public Procurement
  • Blue Angel RAL UZ 120
  • Austrian Ecolabel Criteria UZ56
  • In France, our products achieve A+
  • BREEAM International

All our products carry FloorScore® Indoor Air Quality certification, which is a VOC test certification issued by an independent laboratory. 


Low impact accessories and adhesives

Our adhesives are all either water-based, or solvent-free and have extremely low VOC emissions.

End of life

Our products offer exceptional durability, with an expected lifespan in excess of 30 years for domestic use.

We are at the forefront of loose lay and floating floors which require reduced or no adhesives and can be uplifted and re-used if so desired, or simply recycled, thereby reducing environmental installation impact.