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Housebuild Brochure

Gain inspiration and discover our contemporary and abstract designs perfect for your house build projects.
Gluedown collection

Gluedown Collection

Designflooring Brochure

Retail Brochure


Kaleidoscope Brochure

Kaleidoscope is a collection of geometric shapes, available in a wide variety of colours and designs, for you to create a unique and stylish floor. 

Hospitality and Leisure brochure:

View examples of our wood and stone collections in Hospitality & Leisure environments to help you with ideas and how they can be used in your commercial space.
Rigid Core Brochure Download

Rigid Core Brochure

Our rigid core ranges are ideal for installations where acoustics, uneven or drying out subfloors, for example in new build or extensions, or the preservation of an existing floor needs to be considered. The click-locking mechanism allows for a quick installation and the pre-attached acoustic backing eliminates the need for a separate underlayment.

LooseLay Brochure

Designflooring LooseLay gives you the intricate designs and durability you expect from Designflooring but in a format that can be installed quickly and easily in any space.
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