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Updated product data supports sustainability

Posted on the 24/04/2021 by Designflooring

We are pleased to announce that Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our flooring ranges have been updated and independently reviewed.

Now including product specific lifecycle analysis for our gluedown and loose lay formats, architects, designers and specifiers will be able to use our product EPDs more effectively when working with LEED and BREEAM projects.

Steve Curry, general manager of Designflooring explains: “Featuring product information, technical specifications and lifecycle analysis for each of our product ranges, our EDPs are product specific Type III declarations with the reassurance of external third party verification.

“Each document includes useful ‘cradle to grave’ data for each of our formats and product ranges, including raw material extraction and manufacturing processes as well as details related to packaging, transportation and expected service life. Used in conjunction with our technical specification documents, our EPDs offer transparent and trustworthy product information.”

Designed with cutting edge technology and produced to ISO 14001 Environmental standard and ISO 9001 Quality Standard, Designflooring not only offers the stunning aesthetics of natural materials and the practical benefits of luxury vinyl but also offers a healthy product that improves indoor environmental quality and contributes to a green built environment.