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Benefits over laminate

Designflooring is a more versatile and practical alternative to laminate flooring in numerous aspects. One of the first differences you’ll notice when working with Designflooring is that LVT is far quieter than laminate. This is because designflooring is made from a vinyl composition, as opposed to laminate which is created using rigid fibreboard.

100x100 Acoustic_qualities_Black_CMYK.png.jpg 

Acoustic qualities

UInlike laminate, Designflooring offers a range of product formats including loose lay, gluedown and click – allowing you to tailor your flooring solution to each project. LooseLay is a great option for commercial spaces who require minimal downtime whilst fitting takes place, or for a space requiring easy access to underfloor storage or heating systems


Underfloor heating

The most significant difference between laminate and designflooring though, is their reaction to differing environments. Laminate flooring will react substantially to changes such as moisture, heat or cold. Moisture is absorbed by laminate and causes the planks to warp as they dry out, making use in a kitchen, bathroom or utility room problematic. Heat and cold will also cause problems; your floor will naturally expand in the heat, which can cause buckling, and contract in the winter, which can cause splitting.

100x100 Durable_Black_CMYK.jpg


100x100 Waterproof_Black_CMYK.jpg



Designflooring however, will withstand surface water and temperature fluctuation without any damage to the tile. Furthermore, with commercial slip ratings it is far more adherent to health and safety regulations than laminate, which when wet can be hazardous – making LVT a much more viable solution for any residential or commercial project.

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