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Easy-fit flooring that inspires and protects

Posted on the 22/03/2021 by Designflooring

When Targa Telematics opened a new office in Treviso, Italy, the design team took the opportunity to create a space that reflects the pioneering spirit of the business and encourages innovation whilst protecting employee health and wellbeing.

A European market leader in high-tech business, Targa Telematics provides smart solutions to maximise the potential of connectivity. As an enterprise that provides sustainable technology to enhance the economy and protect the environment, it was key that its new office reflected these principles. 

Following the pandemic’s impact on working practices and a continuing need to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it was also important that the office layout met government guidelines for social distancing and infection control. 

Created by architect Luca Facchini and designers at Ubis Design Workgroup, the new workspace makes clever use of glazed walls and hygienic materials to encourage collaboration whilst preserving privacy, protecting health and supporting wellbeing. The clean lines of the office layout and the extensive sightlines has resulted in a practical and flexible space where colleagues can choose to work together safely in discussion or work quietly. 


RKP8111 Baltic Limed Oak

Using the psychology of colour, a restrained colour scheme in neutral shades of white has been combined with accents of blue and green, the soothing colours of nature which aid concentration and boost creativity. The shade of green selected clearly connects the space with the company’s branding and identity. By using a consistent background shade and repeating accent colours throughout the working zones, the office has an uninterrupted sense of flow that is easy on the eye.

Understanding that environmental noise affects concentration and increases stress, impacting on employee health and reducing productivity, the designers have incorporated acoustic management aspects such as rigid core flooring and acoustic ceiling panels. 

Balancing the minimalist style and block colours, a natural wood design flooring offers warm soft tones and a relaxing biophilic element. The distinctive grain details and matt emboss features of Baltic Limed Oak from the Korlok collection, installed by Dorpetti Pavimenti, introduce texture and depth to the scheme. 

The Korlok range is the ideal flooring choice for areas such as workplaces where noise is a concern. A market leader in quiet flooring with Quiet Mark accreditation, the Korlok range features a pre-attached acoustic backing which can reduce noise transfer by 21dB. 


RKP8111 Baltic Limed Oak

Manufactured to ISO 14001, low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with European Indoor Air Comfort Gold accreditation, Korlok flooring also met the project’s sustainability and air quality requirements. Its enhanced PU protective layer provides a waterproof surface that is easy to keep hygienically clean on a day to day basis.

Claudia Vivaldi at Designflooring supplier Agenda explained: “In an office environment where numerous conversations may be taking place simultaneously, managing noise is key to protecting employee health and productivity. Following the pandemic, we can increasingly expect to use video conferencing for business meetings so offices will require appropriate quiet zones to facilitate these conversations. 

“With its authentic look of natural wood, hygienic surface and acoustic benefits, Korlok also offers a convenient click-locking installation that does not require adhesive and so can be lifted and reused if required, making this the flooring of choice in Italy.”

Discover the benefits of Korlok.