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Slip Resistance

Posted on the 14/04/2020 by Designflooring

Potential health and safety issues such as slip resistance are key considerations when specifying for a commercial project. Areas such as hotel receptions, office kitchen areas or bars and restaurants are susceptible to spills or water ingress during inclement weather. This can increase the risk of slips and accidents, so it is important a suitable floorcovering is installed for these expected conditions.

Safety floorcoverings available on the market benefit from a high slip resistance classification, often with particles embedded in the wear layer. However, these floors have disadvantages. The addition of these particles makes this type of flooring difficult to keep clean as dirt can get trapped around them in the surface, often leading to more costly cleaning regime. Also, these can often be lost by high footfall resulting in damage to the surface where dirt can accumulate. However, from a design perspective, the biggest disadvantage is that the pattern, texture and bevelling intricacies of the original timber and stone that inspired the design are often lost.

All Designflooring floors come with a slip resistance rating of at least R10 and PTV (Pendulum Slip Values) that have low slip potential making them a suitable choice for the vast majority of commercial environments where there is a moderate expectation of spills or water ingress. This means that for most commercial projects aesthetics do not need to be compromised for safety requirements and designers can make full use of the Designflooring ranges to create stunning floor designs that meets all their client's ambitions.


Primo WP412

For areas of concern with a higher slip risk, such as kitchen areas or children’s nurseries, our Opus Enhance collection comes with an enhanced slip resistance rating of R11. Featuring six contemporary wood and four stone designs, Opus Enhance has been designed to offer the same intricate natural detail and authentic embossed features as our successful Opus range but with an enhanced K-Guard+ surface protection system which allows for added grip without compromising on the sleek, contemporary design.

For additional reassurance, post installation surface dressings are available which can be used with any Designflooring product to offer enhanced slip resistance in higher risk conditions, for example on ramps which may become wet or contaminated during normal use. Our commercial representatives can also advise on the use of suitable mats at each entrance to reduce the ingress of water and contamination and on putting in place a structured cleaning and maintenance programme to reduce the risk of slips and accidents.

With Designflooring, flooring specifiers can be confident that they can select flooring that meets the safety requirements of a project without having to compromise on style.