Benefits of Palio Core by Designflooring

Palio Core Sub Floor
Install over uneven subfloors

Its 6,5mm thick construction provides more robustness on uneven subfloors.

Palio Core - acoustics
Acoustic qualities

With a unique rigid core construction and foam backing, Palio Core reduces noise transfer to rooms below up to 19db.

Palio Core Waterproof

Unlike real wood, Palio floors won’t swell, crack or warp when wet.

Palio Core Phathalate
Phthalate free

We can proudly say that all our Palio Core products are now manufactured phthalate-free. 

Palio Core Click System Click-locking system

Simply click planks and tiles into place.

Palio Core Rigid Core
Rigid Core

Rigid Core for increased durability and stability.


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